Joint venture

Together we make a family. Together is a great place to be

Creating a brighter future. Together.

We come across many clients who own property with development potential yet don’t have the resources to pursue the development on their own. Neerajj Housing and Properties can assist clients who own land and are interested in developing their property by entering into a joint venture agreement with the client in return for a share of the development sales. . A joint venture can ease the burden of property management on you and leave you in possession of a manageable asset or a home.

We are developers as well as builders and therefore have the specialist expertise to not only be able to construct multi unit projects, but to also assist our clients with all the requirements that come with property development. As part of the joint venture arrangement Neerajj Housing can handle all pre construction and design requirements and will then undertake the construction work – all in direct partnership and collaboration with the client.

The end result is a win win for both parties where the client ends up with a new property and/or development profits (with minimal financial outlay) and the builder also shares in the development return.


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